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Fastech-Racing :: Engines Complete :: IAME Parilla Engines (Leopard, X30, etc.) :: Parilla Leopard Engine Package - MY09

Parilla Leopard Engine Package - MY09

The new generation Leopard has been re-designed to further improve reliability while maintainting the same performance as the last generation model. 

A re-design of the crankcase has a large finning surface which drastically improves engine cooling. The longer base improves stiffening while reducing vibration. 

The crankshaft has also been strengthened and the clutch hub fixing cone is a example of this.  In order to lengthen the life of the main bearings and crankshaft, a third bearing support is located in the clutch protection cover.  Simply, IAME has redesigned a winning engine to be even more durable and dependable. 

The target and intention of the new design is clear.  To maintain the same level of performance of the well known Leopard engine but at the same time, to improve reliability and the life of the engine.  Non bias on track performances and dyno results have shown the engines to be identical and compatible to race against each other. 

Displacement: 123.67 cm3, Bore 54mm, Stroke 54mm.

Cylinder: Cylinder is of aluminum with iron liner. All ports must be of intended design, conforming to drawings supplied by manufacturer. Cylinders designated for North America are identified by engraving or casting of "usa", and by part number followed by "usa" on the sleeve. No modification or grinding permitted.

Cylinder Head: Cylinder head is aluminum and shall conform to drawing supplied by manufacturer. No modification allowed.

Crankcase: Crankcase is aluminum and shall conform to drawing supplied by manufacturer.

Crankshaft and Conrod: Crankshaft and conrod are of steel and shall be of original manufacture. Parts will conform to drawings supplied by manufacturer. No modification allowed.

Piston: Piston is aluminum, supplied by IAME with "IAME sud" marking on dome and conforms to drawing supplied by manufacturer. No modification allowed.

Piston Ring: Must be magnetic material.

Clutch: Dry centrifugal in design, supplied by IAME as specified in manufacturer's drawings. Drive sprocket is a non-tech item. No modification allowed.

Carburetor: Tillotson model HL-334A or AB, specifications included in drawing supplied by manufacturer.

Ignition: Selletra 4 pole, incorporating included charging system, is supplied by IAME as original equipment.

Muffler: Muffler is as supplied by IAME, specifications included in drawing supplied by manufacturer. Flex is a non-tech item.

Induction Silencer: The induction silencer shall comply with IKF rules as would apply to engines of less than 100cc displacement or as shown in rules diagram. Refer to IKF Competition Regulations and Technical Manual, Section 603.1.4
Senior Leopard, 125cc Electric Start Class

Class: Water Cooled, 125cc Electric Start

Engine Type: IAME/Parilla 125cc Leopard TaG

Fuel: Gas - Oil

Age: 15 - up

Price: $2895.00


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