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#428 Kart Chains

Fastech-Racing carries a full line of #428 shifter kart racing chains including DID & Regina chains.


DID Professional NZ #428 (DHA) - 60 Link
SKU: SKU1279
D.I.D.’s professional high-performance non-O-ring chain DHA pin treatment: hard chromium-carbide layer formed on pin surface Far better wear resistance than other chains Up to 19% higher tensile strength Increased antioxidation performance Solid bushings, quad-riveted pins
DID NZ #428 (DHA) - Master Link
SKU: SKU6659
Master Link for DID NZ #428 chain.
DID 428H G&G Chain - 60 Link
SKU: did1

High quality Gold 60 link non-o-ring chain. Master link included.

DID 428H Master Link
SKU: did2
Replacement #428 Master Link for DID 428H chains.
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DID VX Series O-ring #428 - Master Link
SKU: SKU13499


DID VX Series O-ring #428 Chain - 60 Link
SKU: SKU1559
D.I.D has merged our Professional O-Ring V Series and our top selling Premium X-Ring® VM Series into “ONE” New Pro-Street X-Ring® VX Series. Created from the severe demands of today’s top World Superbikes, D.I.D is proud to introduce this new high performance VX Series. In developing this new series, D.I.D focused on improving “Rigidity”. Traditionally, “Tensile Strength” has been used to indicate the overall strength of a chain. But Tensile Strength is only a laboratory static measurement of a chain’s “breaking point”. Rigidity, on the other hand, is the ability of a chain to withstand forces that occur in a rider’s real world experience. Increased rigidity means better power transfer from the engine to the ground and greater resistance to stretching under load. This translates into smooth handling and quicker response time. To maximize performance, D.I.D’s race proven X-Ring® design delivers overall improved performance that meets the demands of today’s high-performance machines. The VX Series is the ultimate in performance and durability, now available at a new low O-Ring Chain Price.
Panther SL "Works" HAT #428 Chain - 60 Link
SKU: SKU2658

428 SL “WORKS SHIFTER” Panther Kart Chain with Master link.

Market price: $54.95 save 38%
Panther SL "Works" Master Link
SKU: SKU39389
Master link for 428 SL “WORKS SHIFTER” Panther Kart Chain.
RK-M #428 Master Link
SKU: SKU6650


Market price: $3.50 save 50%
Regina EXTRA KART #428 Chain, 60L
SKU: SKU11371
Regina EXTRA chains are designed and developed to withstand the severe stress caused by Shifter Karts. Increased diameter pins, in alloy steel, thicker plates, extended curl-formed bushed, solid rollers. Pre-stretched “Gold” outer plates. Master link included.
Regina REINFORCED #428 Master Link
SKU: SKU1138
Master link for Regina Reinforced chain.
Regina Professional #428 Master Link
SKU: ID943
Regina O-ring #428 Master Link
SKU: SKU1108
Regina O-ring #428 Master Link
VamPLIERS - Screw Extraction Pliers (Master Link Pliers)
VamPLIERS - Screw Extraction Pliers (Master Link Pliers)
SKU: SKU4698
These have to be the coolest pliers on the planet! Perfect to install and remove master links, remove bolts with stripped allen/Phillips heads, etc. and great for every day use!
Motion Pro Chain Breaker w/ Folding Handle
SKU: 08-0001
  • Original Motion Pro design
  • Fits 420, 428, 520 & 530 chain
  • Will push link pin completely through link / side plate
  • Handle folds away for easy storage
  • Replaceable pin is heat treated for strength and wear resistance
  • Will not work on EK 530 MVO/MVX
  • Max pin extension to drive out chain links is 18mm. The maximum pin extension required to drive out the chain link is determined by measuring your chains width from outside face plate to outside face plate.
  • $24.95
    Replacement Push Pin for WK #428 Chain Breaker
    SKU: MEK4281
    Replacement push pin for Wildkart #428 breakers.
    Wildkart #428 Chain Breaker
    SKU: MEK428
    High quality CNC'ed Ergal #428 Chain Breaker. NOTE: Does not work with Panther #428 chains, use Parts Unlimited Breaker.