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Axles, Gears, Carriers - 40mm


Wildkart Aluminum Bearing Carriers, Gold, 80mm (3-pc set)
SKU: SKU6672

High quality gold aluminum 80mm carriers have threaded mounting holes, fit 40x80 and 50x80mm axle bearings. 22mm Wide, 105mm center to center  lower mounting holes, 25mm from bottom hole to 2nd hole, 32mm from 2nd to 3rd hole. includes 3 carriers in a set.

Market price: $180.00 save 40%
Axle Bearing - 40x80mm - RHP (Made in England)
SKU: SKU468032

High quality, low friction semi-sealed to help keep the dirt and dust out.

Market price: $51.95 save 10%
FTP Axle - 40x1040mm
SKU: SKU678631

High quality axles, Available in uncoated or black coated to minimize corrosion.

Market price: $108.95 save 20%
Optional Keys
SH Axle - 40x1040mm (Outboard Drive) (standard length, fits most karts)
SKU: SKU81895

Fits most karts. Zinc coated to minimize rust and corrosion. Keyed for OUTBOARD drive only, TAG, Rotax, KF, KT100, HPV, KPV, etc. Uses standard 8mm flat keys.

Market price: $150.00 save 50%
Optional Keys