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Engine CR125 Parts


KVR CR125 Engine Mount
KVR mounts are the most durable CR125 mounts, made of lightweight, TIG welded, yellow zinc plated, 4130 chromoly.
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Frame Spacing
M4 125cc Shifter Silencer (1.0" Inlet, 14" Length) - Tunable! - Overstock sale!
This is the latest and greatest from M4. Fully tunable 3x14" silencer with FIVE tunable inserts to adjust back pressure. Redesigned inlet and outlet for improved durability. Hi-Tech Continuous Roving Packing Material. Perfect for Stock or Modified Moto engines. Only available with 1.0" inlet. Fits the RLV R4/R5 & RCE T3 pipes. Required at Infineon Kart track.
Market price: $209.95 save 10%
SRS CR125 Carbon Fiber Reeds (Includes 1-spare reed)

Race winning reeds from SRS engines. Include 2 reeds, 2 stiffeners & 1 EXTRA reed). There are many small items that go into prepping a powerful reliable stock CR125 engine for shifter kart racing. One item that is optional for stock engines under SKUSA rules is the reeds. There was a favorite reed setup for the 2001 and 2002 reed cages previously allowed by SKUSA, but what about the 1999 reed cages mandated for 2010 competition? Do the type and style of reeds really make a difference on the 1999 reed cage? SRS decided to find out by running dyno tests on a wide range of reed combinations, thicknesses, and shapes. The tests were quite enlightening. Although the stock reeds are surprisingly powerful, combinations of shape, thickness, construction absolutely make a power difference. However, one really surprising result is that most of the special combinations tried were more durable than the stock reeds during the tests. Some of these combinations are less powerful than stock and some produce more power than stock. Through a process of trial and error a reed setup emerged as the best performance setup. It is named the SRS Engines Dyno Select reed setup. The SRS Engines Dyno Select reeds were completely reliable during testing and produced and average of about ½ horsepower more that the stock reed setup from 11200 to 12400. That is passing power.

Market price: $125.00 save 25%
SRS CR125 Exhaust Manifold (01-02)

The SRS Custom spec header has a dyno developed internal shape that increases peak power in 2001 and 2002 CR125 cylinders used with a SKUSA exhaust configuration. Due to the extra large internal diameter, this manifold has no seals and only requires a dab of RTV.

Market price: $59.95 save 25%
SRS CR125 Power Valve Plug Set - 2001

Top performing, precision, investment cast power valve plugs for the 2001 CR125 cylinder are now available from SRS Engines.

The shape of the exhaust duct in the 2001 cylinder is critical to power production. The stock 2001 power valve shape sacrifices peak power to give the engine a broad motocross power band that has good response as low as 6000 rpm. Since stock 125 shifter karts operate above11000 rpm most of the time, they can ignore low rpm power in trade for power gains above 11000 rpm.

SRS has identified the duct shapes in the 2001 cylinder that give top level performance in the shifter kart rpm range. These shapes have been captured with computer solid modeling techniques and incorporated into the SRS 2001 CR125 power valve plugs.

A precision investment casting process was used to preserve the shapes of the solid models with a high degree of accuracy in the production power valve plugs. When the plugs are installed in the cylinder and properly blended for smooth transitions between the cylinder and plugs, the maximum power potential of the stock 2001 cylinder can be achieved.

Detailed instructions included.
Market price: $169.00 save 20%