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Engine CR125 Parts


1999 CR125 Reed Cage Assembly #14100-KZ4-J11
SKU: 14100-KZ4-J11

3-petal reed cage, includes oem carbon reeds.

Market price: $93.95 save 26%
Alden A3 Tunable Silencer, 1.0" Inlet, 12' Length
SKU: A3-12-125

The A3-12 125cc Short Track Silencer - Developed for increased low-mid range power for Honda Cr125 Shifter Engines. The power/ torque curve is for short tight size sprint tracks .5 - 1.0 mile. CLICK FOR MORE INFO.

Market price: $180.00 save 10%
Carbontech Reeds - CR125 (93-00) - Low Tension
Carbontech 93-00 CR125, low tension reeds. Most common for sprint kart application.
Market price: $49.95 save 30%
CR125 Power Valve Plug Set - 1999
SKU: SKU1082

These are stock plugs....not yet blended to match the exhaust port. Fits 97-99 CR125 cylinders. O-rings included.

Market price: $60.00 save 20%
FTP CR125 O-ring Exhaust Manifold (90-02)
SKU: sw11
New & improved! Eliminates leaks, no more RTV!!! Fits 1990-02 CR125's. May also fit up to 2007 with minimal modifications, mostly elongating a mounting hole.
Market price: $34.95 save 10%
FTP CR125 Silicone Complete Hose Kit

Complete CR125 hose kit includes enough molded ends couplers and clamps to plumb a CR125 in various ways. High quality, light weight, high temp silicone 3-ply radiator hoses. Will not harden like standard radiator hoses and resists most chemicals. Includes 1-CR125 Upper Hose, 2-straight 3ft sections, 3-180 degree ends, 3-couplers, 12-Stainless hose clamps.

Market price: $114.95 save 35%
FTP CR125 Silicone UPPER Hose ONLY
CR125 upper wye hose joins the two 1/2" outlets to one 5/8" hose. Use inline temp sensor adapter to couple to main upper hose. High quality, light weight, high temp silicone 3-ply radiator hoses. Will not harden like standard radiator hoses and resists most chemicals.
Honda / HRC RS125 Reeds (95-00), 1-Pair
SKU: 14111-NX4-003
Fits (93-00) CR125 and (95-00) RS125. 2 reeds included.
Honda CR125 00-01 Cylinder Head : 12200-KZ4-A90
SKU: 12200-KZ4-A90

Stock OEM head.

Honda CR125 2005 Piston Kit (RS125 Alternative)
SKU: SKU4208

The 2005 CR125 piston is domed and could be used as an RS125 piston alternative. Includes piston, ring, circlips, pin & upper bearing.

Market price: $92.95 save 14%
Honda CR125 Clutch Center #22120-KS6-010
SKU: 22120-KS6-010

OEM CR125 clutch center.

Market price: $84.95 save 20%
Honda CR125 Clutch Kit - EBC DRC2

Complete set of friction plates, HD springs and steel separator plates.

Market price: $95.95 save 20%
Honda CR125 Clutch Pressure Plate
SKU: 22351-KS6-000

OEM CR125 pressure plate.

Market price: $53.95 save 20%
MRC CR125 Actuator Plug
SKU: SKU1918

Plugs off hole when actuator rod to power valves is removed. Machined billet aluminum.

Market price: $14.95 save 50%
MRC CR125 Aluminum Kick-Start Plug
SKU: SKU1083

Plugs off the hole when the kickstarter is removed. Machined billet aluminum.

Market price: $29.95 save 67%
PBI #428 CR125 Counter Sprocket
SKU: pbi2

PBI #428 CR125 Counter Sprocket

Market price: $20.00 save 40%
SKUSA CR125 Timing Plate
SKU: SKU2951
This Timing plate was developed to set timing to stock settings as required on February 1, 2014. The stock plate is no longer allowed.

Installation is simple: install the new plate in place of the stock plate with the standard 6 x 18 hex bolt or full thread replacement. Make sure the plate locates on the cast dowel and hold in position with a 4 x 10 screw (the stock 4 x 8 will also work if you have retained it).

Note that no modifications to the stator hold down bolts or to the SKUSA plate is permitted. No other modification to any of the ignition components that changes static timing is permitted beyond what the SKUSA plate allows. This also applies to the rotor, crankshaft, keys and keyways.
Market price: $13.00 save 31%
SRS CR125 Power Valve Plug Set - 2001
SKU: SKU34846

Top performing, precision, investment cast power valve plugs for the 2001 CR125 cylinder are now available from SRS Engines.

The shape of the exhaust duct in the 2001 cylinder is critical to power production. The stock 2001 power valve shape sacrifices peak power to give the engine a broad motocross power band that has good response as low as 6000 rpm. Since stock 125 shifter karts operate above11000 rpm most of the time, they can ignore low rpm power in trade for power gains above 11000 rpm.

SRS has identified the duct shapes in the 2001 cylinder that give top level performance in the shifter kart rpm range. These shapes have been captured with computer solid modeling techniques and incorporated into the SRS 2001 CR125 power valve plugs.

A precision investment casting process was used to preserve the shapes of the solid models with a high degree of accuracy in the production power valve plugs. When the plugs are installed in the cylinder and properly blended for smooth transitions between the cylinder and plugs, the maximum power potential of the stock 2001 cylinder can be achieved.

Detailed instructions included.
Market price: $169.00 save 20%
SwedeTech / Pro Circuit Silencer - 14"
SwedeTech / Pro Circuit Silencer - 14"
SKU: SKU34951

SwedeTech designed CR125 Stock Moto Silencer. This is not your "motorcycle" silencer purchased from any bike shop. This silencer was designed and tested by SwedeTech and our customers specifically for the popular Honda CR125 Stock Moto package. Compared to other silencers on the market, the SwedeTech silencer improves throttle response and has stronger acceleration through the mid range. Stock Moto Silencer features 14" length, turn down exhaust tip, 2 spring hooks. The same silencer used by: - Mirko Torsellini, 2011 S1 SuperNationals Winner - Nick Neri, 2011 S2 SuperNationals Winner - Jimmy McNeil, 2011 S4 ProTour Champion

Swedetech CR125 EZ Retaining Clip - SPRINT
SKU: SKU26398
No need to remove a bolt to make a countershaft gear change. Includes bolt, retainer, 2 e-clips. Road Race version includes gear spacer (spaces gear away from case 2mm).
Market price: $23.99 save 20%
Swedetech Prepped "Stock Moto" 2001 CR125 Cylinder
SKU: SKU42420

Brand new, prepped by Swedetech Racing Engines. Power valves plugged & blended. In addition, the nut surface is spot faced for a flat surface to reduce the chance of stud failure. Cylinder head, Powervalve covers, hardware, gasket, piston kit not included. ONLY as shown in picture. Unopened in sealed box with Swedetech tape.

Market price: $875.00 save 25%
Titanium Shift Round Rod - 500mm (~19 5/8")
SKU: SKU72724

This is the fix for broken aluminum shift rods. Slightly heavier but strong as steel! High quality, solid titanium shift rod. 50mm length, 12mm diameter. One end is Left-hand threaded. Opposite end is NOT threaded but pre-drilled for 8mm tap. Cut to length, bend and tap as needed. Rod ends are OPTIONAL.

Market price: $59.95 save 25%
Optional Rod Ends