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Steering Parts (Shafts, wheels, front hubs hardware, etc.)


FTP Aluminum Front Hubs - BLACK - 25mm Bearing

High quality aluminum hubs with 25mm bearings with 3x58mm international bolt pattern.

Market price: $48.95 save 25%
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Steering Shafts, 3-pos "CRG Style", TITANIUM - (Clearance)

These titanium shafts were modeled off the aftermarket CRG shafts, slightly different the OEM Style 3-position. High quality, lightweight, TIG welded titanium GR2 shafts nearly half the weight, saving nearly ½ pound compared to a steel steering shaft. 3 position steering shaft. All shafts are 20mm diameter w/ 8mm stud. A=500mm, B=85mm, E=28mm

Market price: $149.95 save 43%
Swiss Hutless 25mm Front Hubs 85mm Length - (1 pair)

Swiss Hutless 25mm front hubs 85mm length 3x58mm bolt spacing

Tie Rod End - 8mm - Male - Springfix - LEFT
High Quality metric 8mm male tie rod end with maintenance free nylon inserts. Only Left-hand thread available.
WildKart Aluminum Steering Shaft Support with Nylon Insert - Black
Fits most european karts.
Wildkart Steering Hub - 100cc (TAKE-OFF)
TAKE-OFF from new kart, straight, silver, 3-hole hub. High quality aluminum hubs with 2-position mounting holes. 20mm diameter hole for all standard euro karts. NOT actual pic shown.
Market price: $35.95 save 72%