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Bux Circlip Tool - 14mm (USED)

Slightly used shop tool. Makes installing circlips an ABSOLUTE breeze without any chance of damaging or losing the circlip! For Parilla Leopard, PRD Fireball, HPV, CR80, etc.

Courtney Concepts Chain Alignment Tool - #428 (USED)

Slightly used shop tool.

Market price: $28.95 save 48%
Dalmi KARTYRE Electric Tire Machine
Easily mount & dismount 5" tires with the new cordless, battery operated Dalmi KARTYRE machine. Includes integrated bead breaker. Compact and easily transportable. Batteries included. Click for Video 1, Click for Video 2
FTP Tire Mounting & Dismounting Tool
It is a small and convenient tool that is used for mounting and dismounting tires. It is 18 inches long, 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. At only 5 pounds it is lightweight and portable. 117mm wheel adapter included.
Market price: $108.95 save 10%
Motion Pro Chain Breaker w/ Folding Handle (USED)
  • Slightly used shop tool
  • Original Motion Pro design
  • Fits 420, 428, 520 & 530 chain
  • Will push link pin completely through link / side plate
  • Handle folds away for easy storage
  • Replaceable pin is heat treated for strength and wear resistance
  • Will not work on EK 530 MVO/MVX
  • Max pin extension to drive out chain links is 18mm. The maximum pin extension required to drive out the chain link is determined by measuring your chains width from outside face plate to outside face plate.
Market price: $22.95 save 44%
PRD Clutch Puller

PRD clutch puller to remove the clutch assembly.

Market price: $54.95 save 20%