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K&N RU-0110 Air Filter
SKU: RU-0110
K&N RU-0110 Universal Clamp-On Air Filter: Round Straight; 1.25 in (32 mm) Flange ID; 5 in (127 mm) Height; 3 in (76 mm) Base; 3 in (76 mm) Top
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K&N X-Stream RX-3800 Air Filter
SKU: rx-3800

Perfect for 80's & 125's that don't require airboxes. Click for details.

K&N RU-1770 Air Filter
SKU: RU-1770
Perfect for 80cc & 125cc Shifter Karts. 20 Degree inlet.
K&N RU-1390 Air Filter
SKU: ru-1390
Perfect for 80cc & 125cc Shifter Karts. 20 Degree inlet.
K&N RU-1230 Air Filter
SKU: RU-1230
Perfect for 80cc & 125cc Shifter Karts. 20 Degree inlet.
Super flow 5.25", 20 deg air filter for spec shifter
SKU: 5122
Mounting flange 2-7/16" 20 degree angle, base diameter 3.25", top diameter 5.25" overall filter length 7.25"- filter length 6" with additional internal center cone. Recommended for the stock angled Honda CR 125 intake and CR80 Honda's.
Hegar Honda CR125 Air box / filter mount
SKU: SKU2189
Air Filter & Air box mount support for the spec and Open 99 Honda CR 125. This Stainless steel bracket with foam padded cradle and bungee fasteners will work with straight or 5 degree RS Honda manifolds or the 30 degree stock intake manifold as allowed in IKF, WKA and SKUSA, it bolts to the large rear motor mount bolt. Comes as described, very clean and easy to deal with. Keeps the carb and air cleaner from falling off under rough track conditions. Note: Filter not included.
Airbox / Filter Clamp with Thumb Screw
SKU: SKU2056
Easily install and remove the airbox with this high quality, solid band, stainless clamp.
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High Quality Hose Clamps - Rolled Edge
SKU: ID652
12-20mm fits 1/2" hose, 16-25mm fits 5/8" Hose, 16-27mm fits 3/4" Hose. High quality stainless steel hose clamp also known as smooth band clamps, these have a non-perforated band with rolled edges to prevent damage to hose and tube. Band is 3/8" wide and 0.024" thick. Tighten screw with a slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, or 9/32" (7 mm) hex nut-driver.
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Bungie Cords for Airboxes and Filters (sold induividually)
SKU: 9720
(sold induividually)
K&N Filter Care Service Kit (Aerosol)
SKU: 99-5000

K&N® Recharger® Kit 99-5000 is designed to restore the performance of your K&N® oiled cotton air filter, and includes a 6.5-ounce aerosol can of oil and a 12-ounce spray bottle of POWER KLEEN®. POWER KLEEN® industrial strength degreaser helps dissolve dirt, old filter oil, and other filter-clogging particulates, allowing them to be rinsed away easily with® water. When used as directed, the included air filter oil remains suspended in the pleats of the cotton filter material, allowing for exceptional contaminant capture. View the complete cleaning instructions included in your kit.

K&N Filter Oil - 6.5oz
SKU: 99-0504

K&N Air Filter Oil is the only oil specially formulated to work in combination with the cotton fabric in K&N Filtercharger® elements providing a superior air filtration system. When used as directed, it quickly penetrates the filter pleats, where it remains suspended in the cotton fabric. Saturation is maintained until the element is cleaned with K&N Air Filter Cleaner.



Motul A3 Air Filter Oil - 8.6oz Spray
SKU: SKU69306
Lubricant specially developed for the maintenance of foam air filters of off road bikes and quads. Improves air filter efficiency for better carburetion. Effectively retains dust, mud and sand for greater engine durability. Prevents water from entering the filter. Blue in color.