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Brake Tools

Fastech-Racing offers a wide assortment of kart brake tools. Please call us for any unlisted items.


Wildkart Aluminum Brake Bleeder (10x1.0mm & 1/8" NPT") - BLUE

Includes adapters for 10x1.0mm, 1/8" NPT. Fits most karts including OTK/Tony, Art/Birel, Freeline, etc.

AMC Brake Bleeder

Comes standard with a 10mm tip.

Additional Adapters
OTK Brake Bleeder (Tony, FA, Kosmic, Birel/Freeline)
OEM OTK brake bleeder tool for Tony, Kosmic, FA, Exprit karts. Also fits Birel/Freeline.
Motion Pro Brake Bleeder
Only works with "Self adjusting" type calipers and master cylinders with a reservoir. Shimming type brakes require a "gravity" bleeder. Click for more info.
Adapters for AMC Brake Bleeder
Brake bleeder adapters for the AMC bleeder.
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Adapters for AMC Brake Bleeder - CRG

For CRG karts that have master cylinders with reservoirs. 10x1.0mm thread for most gravity brake tools.