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KG EVO Stilo / Evolution Bodywork Set - RED ONLY
Complete with driver fairing, bumper and side pods. Nerf bars not included. Only available in RED as complete set.
Market price: $195.00 save 20%
KG EVO Stilo / Evolution Front Bumper & Driver Panel - RED ONLY
Front bumper & driver panel included. RED ONLY.
Market price: $100.00 save 35%
Side Pod Extender Set (1 pair) - 25mm (1" extension)
Side pod extenders allow you to space the nerf bar an additional 1" (25mm) out from the frame on each side. The extenders move the side pods further out to help cover the rear wheels. These work very well on Cadet or full size karts using the older slant style nerf bars. The extenders will need to be drilled for bolt holes. 2 extenders per set, enough for one side.
Market price: $35.00 save 69%