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Fastech-Racing clearance item on kart racing parts and accessories.


EVS (CTR) Core Temperature Regulator Vest
EVS Core Temperature Regulator Vest
  • Keeping your inner temperature as low as possible during extreme fitness us always challenging.
  • The EVS Core Temperature Regulator (CTR) uses this strategically placed layers of "Super Absorbent Polymer" that once saturated with water retain and slowly disperse to keep you cool for a longer period of time. Once the CTR jersey is soaked, spin dry by hand and then put the article on.
  • The strategic sections will keep your core temperature down longer, allowing you to maximize your session.
Market price: $44.95 save 20%
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NGK BR10HIX Spark Plug
Iridium IX plug, 14mm, 1/2" reach, 13/16" hex, gasket seat, resistor, fine wire (0.6mm) iridium center electrode, tapered cut ground electrode. Used on the Comer K80 engine.
Market price: $9.25 save 25%
VTX-10120 Vortex Piston Kit (piston, ring, bearing, pin & clips) 53.95mm
OEM Vortex piston kit.
Market price: $170.00 save 47%
Yuasa Light Sign

Durable back-lit sign is screen printed with special bright inks

  • Vacuum-formed polystyrene plastic light box is illuminated by one 18 straight fluorescent bulb with a styrene face panel
  • Measures 28in. L x 8.5in. H
Market price: $150.00 save 67%
Optional Flat Terminal Connectors
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