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Fastech-Racing clearance item on kart racing parts and accessories.


FTP "Floating" Rear Bumper Bolt - Intrepid, Praga, Italkart (Sold individually) - STEEL
Direct replacement for Italkart, Intrepid, OK1, Praga or any kart that uses this style 10mm hardware. This is the latest bumper bolt with the nut at center so the bolt could be tightened independently of the bumper mount. 170mm overall length, 75mm length on the clipable end, 80mm on non-clipped end, 10x1.5mm thread.
Market price: $17.95 save 25%
M4 125cc Shifter Silencer (1.0" Inlet, 14" Length) - Tunable! - Overstock sale!
This is the latest and greatest from M4. Fully tunable 3x14" silencer with FIVE tunable inserts to adjust back pressure. Redesigned inlet and outlet for improved durability. Hi-Tech Continuous Roving Packing Material. Perfect for Stock or Modified Moto engines. Only available with 1.0" inlet. Fits the RLV R4/R5 & RCE T3 pipes. Required at Infineon Kart track.
Market price: $209.95 save 10%
Top Kart Rear Brake Pads (Older Top Kart Rear & Pre-06 Cadet) - Ferodo FDB2038KI
2-pads included, enough for 1 caliper.
Alfano Download Cable for Astro (Version 1)
Download pen for original Version 1 Astro WITHOUT the LV. DOES NOT WORK with the Astro+LV.
Freeline B30R CIK04 Airbox - USED
Probably the most commonly used Airbox for ICC and ICA engines. Click for more info.
K&N Pre-filter, (5x4") RU-1460PK
Fits Clone CHONDA filters or any other that is within 5" length by 4" diameter.
Market price: $22.00 save 30%
KG Old Style Kid Kart/ Baby Kart Bumper Mount
KG Old Style Kid Kart/ Baby Kart Bumper Mount
Prospeed Rotax Max Coil Relocation Bracket
Moves coil up and away for seat strut clearance. Fits new ('07) and old style side covers. R-Max Challenge legal.
Market price: $34.95 save 20%
Swiss Hutless Bearing Cassettes - (qty3)
Swiss Hutless Bearing Cassettes - (qty3)
OEM Swiss Hutless Bearing Cassettes - Suitable for 40x80mm or 50x80mm bearings
Swiss Hutless KZ Pipe Mount 30x92mm
Swiss Hutless KZ Pipe Mount 30x92mm - Includes 30x92mm clamp and bolt
VTX-10120 Vortex Piston Kit (piston, ring, bearing, pin & clips) 53.95mm
OEM Vortex piston kit.
Market price: $170.00 save 24%