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A. Tony Kart OTK Flat Bottom Seat, Size #2


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CRG OEM Grey Fiberglass Flat Bottom Seat, Size #2


Market price: $185.00 save 25%
IMAF F6 White Fiberglass Seat
IMAF F6 White Fiberglass Seat

The F6, (similar to Tillett T11/12) is best used where there is a need to lower the center of gravity. Features a 58 degree back to lower the head position and large flat bottom to allow mounting low between the frame rails.

Market price: $104.95 save 14%
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Seat Struts - Round Style

Seat Struts - Round style. Measured Hole-to-Hole.

Market price: $16.95 save 71%
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Tillett Seat T8 1/4 Padded - Standard Flex - BLEMISHED

Seat has a very small hole rubbed in the padding on the left side

Market price: $255.95 save 41%
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Tillett Seat T8R 1/4 Padded - Hand Laid Rigid Seat

The T8 1/4 is the most popular seat made by Tillett Racing Seats. The T8 was the first kart seat ever made using RTM. This system makes a strong fiberglass molding with a uniform quality and thickness, the process also speeds up production, keeping the price of the T8 below that of the hand made models.

In addition to these benefits, the two smooth sides of the T8 keep a clean, professional image throughout the life of the seat.

The shape of the T8 is very similar to that of the T7, both have the same excellent comfort and depth, the only difference between the two shapes is that the T8 is slightly smaller at the top and slightly bigger at the bottom.

Market price: $239.95 save 25%
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