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CR125 Pipes & Accessories


SK-1 (SKUSA / ProKart) CR125 Stock Moto Pipe (with welded mounting bracket)
The latest SKUSA / ProKart spec pipe for Stock Moto. More info at www.superkartsusa.com. Pipe now has integrated mounting bracket, not shown in picture.
RLV R4 CR125 Pipe (Latest 2-piece design)
RLV's new R4 2-piece pipe minimizes cracks! RLV has dedicated the past year to developing the newest RLV pipe available in an effort to minimize breakage while insuring identical performance to the 1 piece model. Extensive dyno and track testing from many experienced engine builders and racers contributed to the overwhelming success in developing this pipe. 1.0" Stinger. For use on modified or stock engines. Mount NOT included. PLEASE NOTE: as of 2/28/13, SKUSA has NOT approved the pipe for Stock Moto. Mount NOT included. IKF and WKA legal!
Optional Mount
RLV R5 CR125 Pipe
1.0" Stinger. For use on modified or stock engines. Mount NOT included.
RLV 6800S "R2HS" Spec CR125 Pipe
Same as the standard R2H except for the positioning of the stinger to accommodate the ulta quite 16" silencer required byTAG-USA and the Cascade Region in Washington. Absolutely no performance gain or loss with the 6800S (R2HS).
Hegar R4 & SK-1 Pipe & Silencer Mount Kit
The Hegar mount is the hottest pipe mount. Front and rear brackets and stainless steel cradles ready to install on your spec Honda CR 125. Fits the RLV R4 or the SKUSA Pro Circuit SK-1 pipe.
Market price: $92.95 save 25%
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MRC Musgrave Silencer Mount
We cut and modify the Hegar Silencer mount so that it will fit perfectly onto both an ’01 & ’99 engine package (simply by moving the stack of spacers underneath the cradle). This is what we use on all of our engines.
Market price: $46.95 save 20%
MRC Musgrave SK-1 Pipe Mount
The New Pipe Mount for the SKUSA SK-1 Pipe! Designed with 2 mounting points on the pipe to further reduce the harsh vibrations that lead to cracks and failures. Being mounted through the engine cases, it is the safest and strongest location to support the weight and vibrations of the pipe. The mount has been intentionally designed to extend the life of all SKUSA SK-1 Pipes and to mount perfectly to a SKUSA-legal Spec Honda CR125 Engine Package.
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Honda Rubber Isolator Mount #18355-KZ3-B00
Perfect for fuel pumps, pipes, silencers, coils, etc.