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CR80 / CR85 Misc. Exhaust


Bill's Rubber Isolated Exhaust Spring - 60mm
SKU: SKU469621
High quality stainless steel, swiveled ends, rubber isolated to keep springs from vibrating and breaking from fatigue. Fatigue from vibration is the main cause is spring failure. Measured on the inside of the hook, un-stretched, 60mm End to End. Sold individually.
CR80 / CR85 O-Ring Exhaust Manifold
SKU: sw10

Eliminates leaks, no more RTV!!! High quality alloy steel for durability. Viton O-rings for better heat resistance, durability, and sealing over traditional O-rings. Dual spring mounting holes for better sealing. In addition to providing far superior sealing than stock, this manifold will not wear grooves in the interior of the pipe like a stock gasket will. CR125 manifold shown but is a similar design.

Viton O-rings for CR80/85 O-ring Manifold - BACK SIDE
SKU: SKU54982
Viton O-rings for the back of the manifold between the manifold and cylinder. Generally 1 O-ring required. Sold Individually.
Viton O-rings for CR80/85 O-ring Manifold - FRONT SIDE
SKU: viton1
Viton O-rings for front side of the manifold between the pipe and the manifold. Generally 2-3 O-rings required. Sold Individually.
M4 Silencer Packing w/ Rivets
SKU: SKU1718

Original M4 "Hi-tech Continuous Roving" packing silencer exhaust packing with stainless rivets. Enough for one silencer.

Moose Racing Competition Silencer / Muffler Packing
SKU: SKU13600
  • The best low-weight, high-quality packing on the market
  • 25% lighter than stock packing
  • Quieter and longer lasting than fiberglass packing
  • Works with RCE, RLV, M4 and other silencers
  • Made in the USA
  • 250 & 500 gram kits available
    • 250 grams for silencers up to 12"
    • 500 grams for silencers 12" & up
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RLV Silencer Cradle Kit (Shifter style)
SKU: RLV_6188
RLV silencer bracket kit includes flat bracket, cradle, clamps and hardware. Typically used on a CR80/CR125 shifter kart.
Honda Rubber Isolator Mount #18355-KZ3-B00
SKU: SKU1359

Perfect for fuel pumps, pipes, silencers, coils, etc.