CRG, Wheels


Douglas ALUMILITE Aluminum CRG Front Wheel - 5"⌀ x 5" Width (3x67mm) - (Sold Individually)
A cheaper alternative to the CRG magnesium wheels. 5" Diameter, spun aluminum. Black Color Only.
Douglas Magnesium Wheels - Low Volume (Sold in Pairs - 2 wheels) - CRG, 132mm

Douglas Low Volume now available in the CRG 3x67mm pattern!

CRG Front Magnesium Wheel - SOLID
This is the OEM CRG front wheel that comes stock on a full size CRG chassis. Available in 130mm and 132mm Solid with a 3/67 bolt pattern. This price is per wheel.
CRG Rear Magnesium Wheel - SOLID
This is the CRG OEM Real Wheel that comes stock on the CRG Chassis. Available in 210mm or 212mm Solid. Price is per wheel.

We do recommend the Rear Douglas Magnesium Wheel as it is half the price with the same performance. The CRG Rear wheel uses the same 3/58 bolt pattern as the Douglas, but please note that the OEM CRG front wheel is not the same bolt pattern as the Douglas.
CRG Front Magnesium Wheel Vented
This is a Front CRG Wheel. It is offered in 132mm Vented with a 3/67 bolt pattern
CRG Magnesium Wheel Set - 2017
These are the OEM wheels that come with a full size CRG Chassis. The front wheel has a 3 on 67mm bolt pattern in the front and the rears are 3 on 58mm. This set includes all 4 wheels with beadlock screws.
Douglas Beadlock O-Ring
This is the O-ring that comes with the Douglas bead lock screws. Sold individually.