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Engine CR80/85 Parts


#428 CR80 Counter Sprocket - 15t (USED)
SKU: pbi11

#428 CR80 Counter Sprocket, SLIGHTLY USED. NOT actual pic shown.

Alden Honda CR80 Mount
Alden Honda CR80 Mount
SKU: SKU50985
Alden mounts allows for a low engine position and more adjustment travel. The powder coating provides and attractive low maintenance finish. Frame spacing is universal for both 90 and 92mm.
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AMC CR80 Motor Mount
SKU: SKU27836
Universal design and Made in the USA. Clamps included.
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AMC Filter Cup - TM28
SKU: SKU26086

AMC aluminum filter cup fits the Mikuni TM28 carb for 80 shifters.

Market price: $44.95 save 30%
CR80 / CR85 O-Ring Exhaust Manifold
SKU: sw10

Eliminates leaks, no more RTV!!! High quality alloy steel for durability. Viton O-rings for better heat resistance, durability, and sealing over traditional O-rings. Dual spring mounting holes for better sealing. In addition to providing far superior sealing than stock, this manifold will not wear grooves in the interior of the pipe like a stock gasket will. CR125 manifold shown but is a similar design.

Flex-Hone Aluminum-Oxide Ball Hone - 48mm (USED)
SKU: SKU421731

USED but has plenty of life. "Aluminum-oxide", 240 grit flex hones perfect for honing CR80 & CR85 cylinders. This is NOT the more common silicon-carbide hone that is not recommended for cylinder honing.

Market price: $47.95 save 50%
Prospeed Aluminum CR80 Coil Mount
SKU: CR80-1

Mounts to the left side of the reedcage.

Market price: $34.95 save 20%
Titanium Shift Round Rod - 500mm (~19 5/8")
SKU: SKU72724

This is the fix for broken aluminum shift rods. Slightly heavier but strong as steel! High quality, solid titanium shift rod. 50mm length, 12mm diameter. One end is Left-hand threaded. Opposite end is NOT threaded but pre-drilled for 8mm tap. Cut to length, bend and tap as needed. Rod ends are OPTIONAL.

Market price: $59.95 save 25%
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