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Engine CR80/85 Parts


Alden Honda CR80 Mount
Alden Honda CR80 Mount
Alden mounts allows for a low engine position and more adjustment travel. The powder coating provides and attractive low maintenance finish. Frame spacing is universal for both 90 and 92mm.
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AMC CR80 Motor Mount
Universal design and Made in the USA. Clamps included.
Market price: $229.95 save 20%
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CR80 / CR85 O-Ring Exhaust Manifold

Eliminates leaks, no more RTV!!! High quality alloy steel for durability. Viton O-rings for better heat resistance, durability, and sealing over traditional O-rings. Dual spring mounting holes for better sealing. In addition to providing far superior sealing than stock, this manifold will not wear grooves in the interior of the pipe like a stock gasket will. CR125 manifold shown but is a similar design.

Market price: $34.95 save 10%