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Motion Pro Mini Spring Hook Tool
Motion Pro Mini Spring Hook Tool
•Compact size for easy access • Ergonomic handle provides a secure grip at every angle • For use on exhaust pipe springs, seat or tank holding springs, cotter pins, side stand springs and more

Righetti Heavy Duty Spring Hook

Quit struggling with pliers to remove exhaust springs...this will do the trick! By far the most durable spring tool available. Near indestructible and very easy to use. Our favorite spring puller!

SLP Stainless Steel Spring Hook Tool - 4"
Special tool made for installing and removing all exhaust system springs or any spring that requires a pull to release. Made of stainless steel for strength and rust resistance. 4" extension.
Odenthal OD-HDSP Exhaust Spring Puller & Rotax Silencer Baffle Remover
This spring puller PULLS as well as PUSHES. Also used to remove the Rotax silencer baffle.
Wildkart Rotax / Vortex Power Valve Spring Tool
Wildkart's new Rotax & Vortex Rok GP power valve spring tool makes bellows hose spring installation a snap! Made of anodized aluminum.
Exhaust Flex Cutting Tool
Simply insert the flex, secure with the two screws and cut through the the slot. Nice straight clean cut...doesn't get any easier! Fits up to 50mm flex.