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FTP Aluminum Radiator w/ Adjustable Mount & Curtain - 16x10"
SKU: SKU265571
Only one at this price, complete radiator w/ mount & curtain. Includes fittings for front or rear outlet.
Market price: $499.95 save 20%
FTP Aluminum Radiator w/ Adjustable Mount - 16x11"
SKU: SKU1544

High Quality, American made, TIG welded aluminum radiator with FULLY adjustable CNC aluminum, rubber isolated mount. Outlet fitting could be installed in back for KZ/TAG or out the front for "moto" engines, i.e. CR80 & CR125's.

Market price: $449.95 save 30%
FTP Adjustable Radiator Shroud
SKU: SKU26557
Easily adjust the cooling capacity. No more taping the radiator with this. Only fits the 16x10" FTP Radiator. NOTE: Only fits the 16x10" & 18x10" radiators. Radiator not included.
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FTP Radiator Crossbar - Sold Individually
SKU: SKU294301
Fits upper/lower FTP mounts, 1/2' diameter crossbar includes 2 8x30mm flat head screws and 2 finish washers. Radiator not included.
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FTP Radiator Mount
SKU: SKU29430
Upper/lower mounts and crossbars included. Radiator not included.
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Cap for FTP Radiator
SKU: SKU72984
High Quality Stainless Hose Clamps - Rolled Edge
SKU: ID652

12-20mm fits 1/2" hose, 16-25mm fits 5/8" Hose, 16-27mm fits 3/4" Hose. High quality stainless steel hose clamp also known as smooth band clamps, these have a non-perforated band with rolled edges to prevent damage to hose and tube. Band is 3/8" wide and 0.024" thick. Tighten screw with a slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, or 9/32" (7 mm) hex nut-driver.

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