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FTP Aluminum Radiator w/ Adjustable Mount
FTP Aluminum Radiator w/ Adjustable Mount

High Quality, American made, TIG welded aluminum radiator with FULLY adjustable CNC aluminum, rubber isolated mount. Select from 18x10", 16x10", 16x10.5" or 16x11". NO DIFFERENCE in price! Now available with a "front" outlet (on all sizes except the 16x10) for better hose routing on "moto" engines, i.e. CR80 & CR125's.

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FTP Adjustable Radiator Shroud
Easily adjust the cooling capacity. No more taping the radiator with this. Only fits the 16x10" FTP Radiator. NOTE: Only fits the 16x10" & 18x10" radiators. Radiator not included.
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FTP Radiator Mount
Upper/lower mounts and crossbars included. Radiator not included.
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Cap for FTP Radiator