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Grease & Tri-Flow


Dupont White Lithium Grease - Aerosol
SKU: SKU64974
Highlights: 10 oz. White . Heavy duty & long lasting.Repels water & prevents rusting.Will not melt or freeze.Prevents chemical corrosion.Aerosol version sprays on wet, and then sets up as a water and corrosion resistant grease.Resists melting, freezing, washing off, or breaking down under high speeds, high heats or heavy loads.Excellent film strength and durability.High dropping point helps ensure retention where high temperatures are encountered.Good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.High quality base fluids provide reliable protection against rust and corrosion.NLGI #2.Bottle. Applications: Small motors, outdoor power equipment.Garage doors, rollers, gears.Open lube points and high load applications.Shafts, joints, chassis and suspension.Automotive hinges, battery posts, seat tracks, trunk and hood latches.Fan motors, couplings, coils, non-disc brake parts.Axles, bearings, pivots, linkages, springs and coil.Heavy duty chains, cables and pulleys.Bolt threads and plumbing fixtures.

Non-returnable: This item cannot be exchanged or returned.

Clean, low-odor lithium complex formula

Enhanced with Teflon for optimal performance

Resists washing off, melting, freezing and extreme heat

Appropriate for outdoor use
Motorex SPRAY 2000
SKU: SKU55099
Fully-synthetic, high-pressure-resistant lubricant with long-term effect for universal application. Penetrates rapidly and protects from corrosion. Thermally stable from -30 °C (86 °F) to +200 °C (+392 °F). Adhesive, water-resistant, silicone-free, pressure and impact resistant, colourless. Perfect for clutch, wheel and axle bearings!
Tri-Flow Aerosol Lubricant - 12 oz
SKU: SKU1282
This unique concentrated formula contains micron-sized particles of Teflon® to create a long-lasting film
Reduces friction and wear
Penetrates and lubricates any mechanism that’s difficult to operate due to wear or corrosion
Provides protection from dirt and sand