SKUSA SUPERNATS - please note LOCAL PICKUP in the comment box, we'll manually remove the shipping charge. Available for pickup Mon-Fri, 9:30-4pm

(To contact us for ANY reason, please email or use the contact page for the quickest response. We will call back if necessary.)

US POSTAL SUSPENDED 1st class & Priority Service to AU & NZ - Click for details

UPS International next most reasonable but make order enough to make the shipping worthwhile.


As of Nov. 1st, business as usual. Submit orders by 11am for same day shipping, assuming it's all in stock.


ALL shipping methods are experiencing delays. US Postal Priority is still the preferred method, USUALLY faster and much more reasonable than UPS. Get orders in ASAP to allow PLENTY of time for delivery. 5-7 day delays are NOT uncommon and even worse for international shipments. BEFORE contacing us, PLEASE check tracking # (On final invoice and from and be patient, it's out of our control. If tracking shows movement, unfortunately there's nothing else we could do. Worst case if needed, we could send a duplicate. Some shipments arriving on time, some late...cross your fingers and have a backup plan.

Now located in Las Vegas, NO MORE Sales Tax shipping to California!