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Tillotson Carb Throttle Kits


FTP Tillotson Throttle Cable Kit
The latest Tillotson throttle kit from FTP. The bearing integrated cable boss attaches directly to the carb. Ultra smooth & reliable pivot action. Includes bearing cable boss w/ bearing and inner throttle cable. Bracket, cable holder and cable housing sold separately. Carb sold separately.
NOTE: If upgrading from a Hubbell, EC or Burris throttle kit, bracket not required.
Spare Throttle Cable
Mounting Bracket
Throttle Cable Housing
Throttle Cable - 3/16" Ball End (60" length) - 1.5mm thick
This cable fits the KT100s, Comers and most other non-shifter karts. 1.5mm diameter, 60" length.
Throttle Cable - 3/16" Ball End - 1.8mm thick
1.8mm diameter, 60" length. 1.8mm cable typically used with Nylon throttle housing.