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KG POLAR MAX Radiator 450x280x40mm - Horizontal Flow
KG POLAR MAX Radiator 450x280x40mm - Horizontal Flow
SKU: SKU41510
POLAR is a new radiator brand from KG. It embrace the fluid dynamics state of the art for a kart radiator. The air flow coming across the radiator core is highly increased from 6 specially designed side winds attachments. These winds are controlled by the driver who can also move them on an opposite direction in order to reduce the incoming and cooling air flow in colder environment or during the first laps on the track with a cold engine. On the rear of the core we have a couple of winged extractors, that in addition of being air intakes, have the function of reducing the hot air pressure flow coming from the core, thus enabling a better thermal exchange. Polar radiators are special due to an aluminum alloy mount that allows for a perfect set up of the radiator on the chassis, and also presents numerous mount positions for additional tuning. It also features a unique water flow design that flows horizontally through 3 stages of “S route” with longer cooling time, the highest level of cooling and engine optimization available.