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Measuring Cup


Bike-Master Measuring Cup with Lid
•Make sure it's right every time
•Made from tough, flexible materials
•Includes a lid to keep dust and dirt out
•More stable when filled with oil
•Ratios from 8:1 all the way to 70:1
•Shows as percentage of mix
•Graduations in gallons, fluid ounces, liters, and milliliters
Ratio-Rite Lid
Keep the dust out with the Ratio-Rite Lid.
Ratio-Rite Measuring Cup
Getting the right oil-to-gas ratio is no problem with this tough polypropylene cup. Just fill the cup with oil to the ratio level desired, and mix with gasoline. Ratios from 16:1 to 50:1. Graduated in ounces and CCs for filling chain cases, etc. 18-ounce capacity.
Optional Lid:
Redline Universal Super Trick Funnel
Oddly shaped funnel allows pouring of oil or coolant around bodywork to reach hard to get to filler openings. Pours in both vertical and horizontal positions or any angle in between.
Motorsport Products Oil Tub
  • Black plastic tub with carry handle and pour spout
  • Holds up to 3 quarts
  • Works great for draining oil and anti-freeze
  • Very useful as a parts container while wrenching on bikes
  • Motorsport Products embossed logo on each side
  • $4.95