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Fuel Pumps - Mikuni


Mikuni Round Fuel Pump, DF52-176
Standard round Mikuni pump used mostly on 80 and 125 shifters.
Mikuni Round Vacuum Fuel Pump, DF52-82
The fuel pump facilitates a constant flow between the tank and the carburetor, ensures a sufficient pressure to have a reliable supply of petrol. The MIKUNI pressure pumps convince thanks to their outstanding performance and compact size, the metal body allows it to be very robust.
Mikuni Round Pump - Rebuild Kit
Factory original rebuild kit for Mikuni round pumps. Two kits needed if rebuilding a "Pump-Around" dual pump setup.
Mikuni Square Fuel Pump
Mikuni Square Pump - Rebuild Kit
Factory original rebuild kit for Mikuni square pumps.
PSR Pump Assembly
Includes two Mikuni round pumps and the pulse plate.
Honda Rubber Isolator Mount #18355-KZ3-B00
Perfect for fuel pumps, pipes, silencers, coils, etc.
Pump-Around Modification
For all Keihin or Mikuni carbs. No more bog, messy over flow and floats going out of adjustment. Call or e-mail for ordering instructions. Click for more info.
Italian Motors TM ICC Fuel Pump & Coil Bracket
Securely mounts the fuel pump and coil.
Prospeed TM ICC Fuel Pump Mount
Honda Fuel Line Tee w/ Ball Check Valve
Honda tee with ball check valve, originally from the old Honda Odyssey. Perfect to reduce the pressure on the needle and seat.
Righetti Fuel Reservoir - (3-nipple)
This is a small reservoir that sits next to the carb to simulate gravity feed and reduce pressure on the need & seat, previously called the "Magic Can" from the old Trackmagic days. Fuel is supplied through the top to the carb. Any unused fuel is pushed back out of the 2nd nipple to the tank through the return line, similar to having a tee.