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Mounting Tools


FTP Tire Mounting & Dismounting Tool - OVERSTOCK SALE!
It is a small and convenient tool that is used for mounting and dismounting tires. It is 18 inches long, 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. At only 5 pounds it is lightweight and portable. 117mm wheel adapter included.
Market price: $109.95 save 28%
Dalmi KARTYRE Electric Tire Machine
Easily mount & dismount 5" tires with the new cordless, battery operated Dalmi KARTYRE machine. Includes integrated bead breaker. Compact and easily transportable. Batteries included. Click for Video 1, Click for Video 2
Righetti Tire Beading Strap
80mm wide adjustable strap prevents tires from stretching while popping the bead. Fits 230-300mm (9 to 11-3/4") overall diameter.
Replacement Plastic Guides for FTP Tire Tool (2-piece)
Replacement plastic guides for FTP tire tool. 2 included.
LUFKIN - Tire Roll-out Measuring Tape
Perfect for measuring tire circumference (roll-out). 1/4" x 6' Pee Wee® Pocket Tape, Hi-Viz® Orange Case. High strength Hi-Viz® orange case, Yellow clad blade, 1/4"/6mm wide blade is flexible; bold graduations on yellow background.
Douglas (DWT) Beadlock & Valve Stem Tool
Used to remove and install beadlocks and valve cores on Douglas M-series magnesium wheels.
FTP Beadlock & Valve Stem Tool
3mm hex, 21mm diameter aluminum knob, 36mm overall length, used to remove and install/remove DWT beadlocks and similar.
TDC Valve Stem Tool
Another gem for the tool box! Used to pull valve stems through the valve stem hole and remove the valve core. Extremely easy to use!