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New-Line Radiator w/ Mount & Cap - RS-V (17x9.5")

New-Line Radiator w/ Mount & Cap - RS-V (17x9.5")
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The RS-V and BIG-V are the V-shaped version of the RS and BIG: same size parameters, but a convex design (forming a 150° angle). And thanks to their configuration they represent the most revolutionary development of the New- Line experience.

The V-shaped grill, in fact, allows to draw in air much more powerfully than a flat one and at the same time provides an extended radiating surface (if the angled-surface were flattened out, each radiator would measure close to 10 cm wider). In addition, both models are characterized by a top-end "ledge": this works as an extra conveyor gent, guarantees the ultimate performance in terms of air intake. With these special features, the cooling action of these unique New-Line radiators is 20% more efficient compared to the standard models they are inspired by.
Both radiators are specifically intended for shifter categories and for warm racing conditions: the RS-V all year round, while the BIG-V in summer only. Neither model features the curtain accessory.

Material: triple aluminum alloy
Measurements” RS-V: width 24 cm / BIG-V: width 29 cm (BOTH: height 43 cm, depth 4 cm)
Comparison: the RS-V and BIG-V are each the evolution of the RS and the BIG: same measurements respectively, but designed with a convex grill for ultimate air intake – ideal for warm racing conditions and for shifter engines
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