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SKUSA CR125 Timing Plate

SKUSA CR125 Timing Plate
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This Timing plate was developed to set timing to stock settings as required on February 1, 2014. The stock plate is no longer allowed.

Installation is simple: install the new plate in place of the stock plate with the standard 6 x 18 hex bolt or full thread replacement. Make sure the plate locates on the cast dowel and hold in position with a 4 x 10 screw (the stock 4 x 8 will also work if you have retained it).

Note that no modifications to the stator hold down bolts or to the SKUSA plate is permitted. No other modification to any of the ignition components that changes static timing is permitted beyond what the SKUSA plate allows. This also applies to the rotor, crankshaft, keys and keyways.
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