Snipers SA1 Linear Caster/Camber Adjuster

Snipers SA1 Linear Caster/Camber Adjuster
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Snipers' new SA1 Linear Caster/Camber Adjuster is the perfect compliment to the V2 & V4 Laser Alignment Systems. The SA1 enables adjustment of camber & caster independently to fine tune your steering geometry when utilizing the V2 or V4 Laser Alignment Systems. Adjust caster in one degree increments while enjoying infinitely adjustable camber settings, both completely independent of the other. Install one pair of SA1's on the top of your spindle mounts for independent caster & camber adjustment or install two pair on the top and bottom of your spindle mounts for maximum adjustability.
Minor modifications required.
Two 4mm holes need to be drilled & tapped to secure the Adjuster.
22mm caster pill "hole" required
Dimensions: 40mm overall OD, 11mm thick, 10mm ID (Kingpin)
One Kit Includes: two adjuster assemblies.
NOTE: (2 kits needed to do the top and bottom)
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