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Sniper Laser Alignment Tools


Sniper Battery (Sold individually)
SKU: SKU5073
For Sniper V2 and Sniper chain aligners.
Sniper KPI Laser Gauge

The Sniper KPI Gauge makes it possible to diagnose any irregularities in your frame. This instrument measures KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and chassis squareness in the straightening stage. Allowing for higher accuracy, speed, and convenience due to the application of the lasers. •Attaches directly to the frame in place of your spindles for the most accurate measurement •One laser shoots across the front to check for any bends on the front end •The other laser shoots to the axle in the rear •This allows you to see if the chassis is bent at the spindle, in the rear, or even twisted in the middle •Find out if your chassis is straight and where it is bent with this tool. •The pin that attaches is 22mm. Other sizes can be special ordered. Includes foam padded hard carry case.

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Sniper SA INOX Laser Sprocket Aligner #219 / #35
SKU: SKU27791
Sniper's high quality INOX laser aligner allows quick and precise sprocket alignment.
Sniper V2 Inox Alignment Tool
SKU: SKU277911
The ultimate front end laser alignment system. The V2 Inox is a 2 laser system which lets you quickly and easily set camber and toe on your kart. It gives you the ability to measure static (kart on the stand) and dynamic (kart on the ground or scales with driver in place) so you know exactly how the kart responds. This system is suited for all kart racers, ideal to be used at the track between races to alter setup or to check alignment. The V stands for variable spindle sizes and the 2 refers to 2 lasers. Made from a pair of high pressure die cast units, chrome plated for superior durability. The units locates onto any spindle size up to 63mm via a magnetized Vee block. The increased grid size gives you the ability to measure up to 24mm total of negative camber.
Steering Shaft Support w/ Lock
SKU: SKU25800
Easily lock down the steering shaft by simply tighening down on the pinch-bolt for front end alignments. Fits 20mm shaft. 31mm overall width.