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Spark Plug Caps, Wires, Mounts, Etc.


Spark Plug Cap Strap - 21mm Hex
Spark Plug Cap Strap - 21mm Hex

Helps secure the plug cap onto the plug. Fits any plug with 21mm hex, i.e. BR10EG/EIX, BR9EG/EIX, IW34-34, AR51, 7376-10, etc. Three rubber straps to fit various plug/cap combinations.

NGK Red Racing Cable & Plug Cap
1000mm (~39 inches) red racing cable with integrated rubber sheathed silicone 5 ohm 90 degree connector, for terminal nut connector.
NGK LB01E Plug Cap

Resistor covers may be required for power sport applications when spark plugs alone don't provide sufficient noise suppression. Designed to reduce electro magnetic interference and radio frequency interference, which can interfere with electronic ignition components, causing misfires and poor engine performance.

Highly durable phenolic resin and EPDM rubber
Ceramic resistors ensure optimum performance and reliability
Built to withstand extreme heat and vibration
Prevents flashover
Ensures optimal service life and performance

NGK TB05EM Plug Cap - RED
5 ohm, 90 degree elbow type, 14mm w/ terminal nut, rubber sheathed, silicone, red.
NGK TB05EMA Plug Cap
5 ohm, 90 degree elbow type, 14mm w/ terminal nut, rubber sheathed black.
NGK LBER Non-Resistor Waterproof Plug Cap
Non-resistor caps come stock on the TM ICC and Parilla Leopards. Much higher quality than the stock plug caps.
NGK TRS1225 Plug Cap (For NGK R7282 short plugs)
Special plug caps for the NGK R7283 short racing plugs.
Spark Plug Wire 7mm
High quality 7mm Hypalon covered spark plug wire with 19-strand tinned copper core. This wire is sold per foot, please enter the total (feet) in the cart that you wish to order.
NGK Spark Plug Wire Splice
NGK wire connector makes attaching a new spark plug wire to a CDI unit easy, just insert the lead from the CDI unit in one end, the new plug wire in the other and screw the two pieces together for a watertight seal. Wire connector made of high impact plastic.
Note: Will only work on 7mm stranded core wire. Sold individually.
Swedetech CR125 CDI Mount
The new Swedetech CR125 mount secures the CDI straight to the engine, eliminating the need to extend the wires. Easy access to the oil level plug as well. Rubber CDI holder not included (Normally included with the engine).
Swedetech CR125 Coil Mount (Intake)

This coil mounting kit features a gold anodized CNC billet aluminum bracket and includes everything that you need to properly secure the coil to your Honda CR125 125cc 2-stroke engine. Extension wire not needed if the Swedetech CDI holder is used.

Odenthal Rotax Max Coil Relocation Bracket

Constructed of aluminum. Moves the coil back & up or down for seat strut clearance.

Market price: $34.95 save 37%
Prospeed Rotax Max Coil Relocation Bracket
Moves coil up and away for seat strut clearance. Fits new ('07) and old style side covers. R-Max Challenge legal.
Market price: $34.95 save 20%