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Swedetech CR125 Oil Drain Plug & Washer - SRE
SwedeTech had a great idea with an adjustable engine mount. This great idea made it difficult for the user to remove the OEM Honda CR125 transmission oil drain bolt. Next good idea, custom drain bolts to allow easy removal of the oil drain bolt.
SwedeTech / Pro Circuit Silencer - 14"
SwedeTech / Pro Circuit Silencer - 14"
SwedeTech designed CR125 Stock Moto Silencer. This is not your "motorcycle" silencer purchased from any bike shop. This silencer was designed and tested by SwedeTech and our customers specifically for the popular Honda CR125 Stock Moto package.

Compared to other silencers on the market, the SwedeTech silencer improves throttle response and has stronger acceleration through the mid range.

Stock Moto Silencer features 14" length, turn down exhaust tip, 2 spring hooks.
The same silencer used by:
- Mirko Torsellini, 2011 S1 SuperNationals Winner
- Nick Neri, 2011 S2 SuperNationals Winner
- Jimmy McNeil, 2011 S4 ProTour Champion

Swedetech CR125 Reeds - SKUSA

CR125 Stock Moto Reed Kit from SwedeTech Racing. Same winning design used by current SwedeTech Engine customers. Stop wasting valuable time and money testing combinations that don't work. Buy the right stuff the first time. Optional reeds available to tune for different track conditions. Standard reeds include 2 reeds and 2 stiffeners. As with any engine part, double check with your racing association for legality.

Swedetech CR125 Clutch Cable Assembly
Swedetech's new high quality clutch cable assembly features:
  • Knurled adjustment knobs
  • Spring protected to reduce damage from vibration against the engine
  • Perfect fitment into the engine case
  • Hardened metal ends instead of the typical lead ends that most cables use
  • 70" cable length, 60" housing length

NOTE: The protective spring is optional. Select WITH or WITHOUT spring. No difference in price.

Optional Cable Stop
Swedetech CR125 Engine Mount (Clamps included)
The latest mount from Swedetech Racing Engines. Lightweight, CNC'ed & anodized aluminum. Ligntening holes and cut-outs throughout to reduce weight. Adjustable engine offset. Clamps included.
Frame Spacing
Swedetech Motor Mount Clamp
Swedetech Motor Mount Clamp
Replacement Swedetech aluminum engine clamps. Sold separately.
Select Diameter and Spacing
Swedetech CR125 EZ Retaining Clip - Road Race
No need to remove a bolt to make a countershaft gear change. Includes bolt, retainer, 2 e-clips. Road Race version includes gear spacer (spaces gear away from case 2mm).
Swedetech CR125 Case Saver
Swedetech CR125 Case Saver
SwedeTech Designed Honda CR125 Case Saver. For use on Stock Moto and Modified Honda CR125 applications. Proper design allows sprocket and chain clearance up to 19T**.
Protect your case and prevent chain wear on the clutch lever boss. CR125 Case Saver is designed to fit between the chain plates to give additional chain clearance not available with other chain guards or case savers.
Installs quickly and includes all hardware.
SwedeTech designed this Honda CR125 Case Saver to be simple and eliminated excessive material to prevent premature cracking or breaking.
Sprocket pictured is 428 19T using the SwedeTech EZ Clip to secure.
** NOTE - Some Chains and Sprockets will require the use of a spacer behind the sprocket or the SwedeTech Road Race EZ Clip to allow for proper case clearance. This will be the situation with or without our case saver.
Swedetech CR125 EZ Retaining Clip - SPRINT
No need to remove a bolt to make a countershaft gear change. Includes bolt, retainer, 2 e-clips. Road Race version includes gear spacer (spaces gear away from case 2mm).
Swedetech CR125 Kick-Start Plug
Machined billet aluminum. Gold anodized.
Swedetech CR125 Actuator Plug
Machined billet aluminum.
Swedetech BLENDED & MATCHED CR125 Power Valve Plug Set
These plugs are blended by Swedetech to match the the exhaust port profile. Fits 97-99 CR125 cylinders. O-rings included.
Swedetech Prepped "Stock Moto" 2001 CR125 Cylinder
Brand new, prepped by Swedetech Racing Engines. Power valves plugged & blended. In addition, the nut surface is spot faced for a flat surface to reduce the chance of stud failure. Cylinder head, Powervalve covers, hardware, gasket, piston kit not included. ONLY as shown in picture. Unopened in sealed box with Swedetech tape.
Market price: $875.00 save 25%
Swedetech CR125 CDI Mount
The new Swedetech CR125 mount secures the CDI straight to the engine, eliminating the need to extend the wires. Easy access to the oil level plug as well. Rubber CDI holder not included (Normally included with the engine).
Swedetech CR125 Coil Mount (Intake)
This coil mounting kit features a gold anodized CNC billet aluminum bracket and includes everything that you need to properly secure the coil to your Honda CR125 125cc 2-stroke engine. Extension wire not needed if the Swedetech CDI holder is used.
Swedetech CR125 Coil Mount (Primary Cover)
SwedeTech Racing Engines offers two specific coil mounts for the Honda CR125 engine. The newest version mounts to the primary cover. The coil mount kit includes aluminum coil mount bracket, 2 bolts, 13" plug wire, spark plug boot, and secondary ground strap.
Swedetech / Kehin PWM Cable Holder
Now legal for SKUSA Stock Moto Competition - updated 1/15/2014. This is a spring loaded cable holder that is designed for use with a Keihin PWM 38mm carburetor (will not work with the PWK carburetors). The benefits of using this cable holder are... -Spring loaded feature applies constant pressure on the needle clip -Allows for the placement of a washer, to achieve a ½ position on the clip. This part will help reduce the needle clip failure that is very common in racing applications.
Swedetech / Speed Concepts GFS Fuel System
Speed Concepts is at it again, this time with a new fuel system.  Are you tired of your engine bogging out of the corner?   Are you tired of a non-responsive throttle of the lower end?   Are you tired of the carburetor that keeps draining into your engine?  Are you tired of scratching your head because your not sure which way to adjust your jets?  Tired of your carburetor spilling fuel all over your engine and chassis?  Then this system is for you.

Developed with the Honda CR125 Stock Moto Package in mind, this system has worked great during the testing phase and at the 2010 SuperNationals.  Used by over 25 participants in Las Vegas, including race winners Alex Speed ( S1), Jimmy McNeil (S4), and Daniel Langon (S5).

To explain how the whole system works, you need to break it down into two components.  The reservoir mounted above the carburetor is the supply reservoir.  1 fuel pump keeps this reservoir filled at all times.  The fuel flowing to the carburetor is not pressurized, but is gravity flowed so the carburetor can work in the manner it was designed.

The lower reservoir works independently, and its purpose is to capture all the excessive fuel from the vent lines and float bowl over flow.  The reservoir contains the fuel and 1 fuel pump returns this excessive fuel back to the karts fuel tank.  

This system come pre-plumbed for easy installation.  You need to run 1 fuel supply line from your karts gas tank, 1 return fuel line to your karts gas tank, and hook up your carburetor.  This system utilizes a stock carburetor which is not included in the price.

GFS Kit includes: 1 Upper Reservoir ( Magic Can II ), 1 Lower Reservoir, 1 round Mikuni Fuel pump, 1 rectangle Mikuni fuel pump, fuel pump mounting plate and hardware, mounting hardware for both reservoirs, Tygon fuel line ( as pictured ), pulse line, vent lines, and connectors.  Carburetor is not included.
Select Carb
Carbontech / Swedetech TM K9/KZ10 Reeds (No Stiffeners)
Carbontech reeds made for Swedetech and used by most TM ICC engine builders. Much more durable than TM Carbon Reeds. Reeds Only. Click for details.
Carbontech / Swedetech TM K9/KZ10 Reeds w/ Stiffeners
Carbontech reeds made for Swedetech and used by most TM ICC engine builders. Much more durable than TM Carbon Reeds. Reeds & Stiffeners. Click for details.