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Fastech-Racing Customer Testimonials

Jason B. (Shifter) San Francisco, CA (From Yelp.com)

There aren't many reviews on Yelp for people like me who love the world of kart racing, so I decided to add this review. In the couple years that I been into karting, John at Fastech-Racing has been nothing but the best in customer service and recommendations/advice for me. Most, if not all of my kart parts come from Fastech. There are a couple reasons for this...

1) John provides the best customer service of any kart establishment I have ever used.

2) I get the parts I need usually the day after I order! So if I am in a bind and need parts before the weekend, John can get them to me 99% of the time.

I could shop out of state to avoid sales tax and I do know of kart establishments that do not charge for shipping, but I am willing to pay for this because of the overall experience I get with Fastech.

If there are any other karters out there that utilize Yelp, Fastech is a company I HIGHLY recommend.



Dave Mendez (80 Shifter) Fresno, CA

"Thank you very much for all your excellent service, karts, coaching and advice!!! You are the most helpful person in karting I know and without your help, I believe I would not have two wins and a 2nd in my first full year of I.K.F."



John Ledesma (TaG) Oahu/Maui, HI

"Hey John, just wanted to say thanks for all your help, customer service & knowledge. Over the years, I have bought Karts from other "Name" shops, (shop names edited out), etc. They all tout how they have the best customer service and race support for their customers. Let me tell you, living across the Pacific, they never did squat! You on the other hand are a rarity in the karting business from my own experience. You are all about satisfying the customer/racer no matter what level they are at! I don't know how you do it but keep up the great work! I will always get my karting needs from Fastech-Racing and refer anyone interested in karting to go through you."



Dave & Chris Rocheleau (80 Shifter) Colchester, VT

"Hey John. Seasons over up here, thanks to your help. Chris, won 8 out of 12 races, once we figured out the stumble/cutting out (Italkart rules!!!). Thanks very very, much! Will be in touch soon thanks. Can't thank you enough for your help. Thanks again. Dave Rocheleau…Customer forever”



Peter & Jason Toft (TAG 125) Petaluma, CA

"Thank you very much for your support this year. You, (Fastech Racing,) are someone that I have come to rely on very much for parts. You always have what I need and you always get it to me when I need it. You can't say that about a lot of companies. I really appreciate your service, your advice and your knowledge, your support and your information. You always give me straight up answers and advice and that isn't always what you find in this sport. Thank you very much for your support this year."



Sonny Van Hook (80 / 125 Shifter) Brentwood, CA

With Fastech, I get what I want when I need it. It always shows up on time, the prices are great, and John is more thorough with order checking than any shop I've ever used.



Robert Johnson (Italkart / Leopard) Salinas, CA

John and Robbie @ Fastech are THE go to guys at the track...they've gotten me out of a bind more than once. Fastech's service is SECOND to none! Great service , good pricing , fast shipping....not to mention the karts he sells are rockets.....Try Fastech if you haven't already..you won't be disappointed.



Luis Chinchilla - San José Costa Rica

Nice costumer service, very fast shipping. Thank´s Luis Diego Chinchilla , San José Costa Rica



Andrew Girgen (80 Shifter) Grain Valley, MO

"Dang, super fast shipping and you gave me the clutch off your kart...you won my business! Thanks"



Rob Garmon (Tag) Grain Valley, MO

"Thanks again for all of your efforts, your customer service is outstanding and you have definitely become our dealer of choice."



Terry & Randy Rothweiler (Italkart / Parilla Leapard Tag Light) Santa Cruz , CA

"Hi John, I Just wanted to say thanks for the Kart and the phone support on Saturday. It was just what we needed to win our first TAG Race. This was the first time Terre even sat in the kart." Qualified on pole and won the final at Infineon TaG Series."



Bill Murawski (Parilla Leapard Tag) Pacifica , CA

"Hard to find a good website on-line to buy kart parts. John at Fastech-Racing.com has been very helpful and by far the best on-line store to buy kart parts. Great selection of parts and tools, helpful technical advice and very prompt, fast shipping. Thanks, Bill"



Roberto Castro (Parilla Leopard TaG): Algonquin, IL

"John, I just received my CHT Alfano sensor. This is the 3rd time I buy items from your store and I will like to say that I am really impressed with the way you run your business. We need more people like you in the Karting sport. Thank you, Roberto"



Cody and Jack Tracy (05' intrepid suzuka / Stock 125 Moto): West Jordan, UT

"John, We really appreciate all your help in the last several months! You've by far been the best person to work with in our karting community. I've learned more (from you) about chassis setup and the basic things of karting than I'd ever learned in my 5 previous years of karting. Being able to call you and get info just about any time has made us much faster and more confident. You're very smart when it comes to chassis setup/problem solving, and its great to talk to someone that actually wants to talk to you! We also appreciate your great prices and customer service. You stand true to your product, are very honest, and are always willing to give us a fair price on your products. Its not always about you, its about the customer. It doesn't get any better than that!"



Michael Sweeney (Parilla Leopard TaG): Saint Helena, CA

"Hi John! I really appreciate your follow-up on this one. Let me also say that you have definitely earned my loyalty as a customer. You are by far the most helpful and customer service oriented of anyone in the Karting business that I've come across. Again, thanks bud.."



Jack & Bob Porter (80 Shifter): Santa Rosa, CA

"John, Thanks for the parts. They are correct, beautiful and prompt as always, its great dealing with you. We owe much of our success , however limited that may be, to you. Put that in the website and have anyone in doubt call me."



Warren Chamberlain: El Dorado Hills, CA

"PS, I like the way you do business: Friendly, helpful, good prices + modern & efficient order handling/shipping! I’ve had some dissapointing experiences lately, so it’s nice to find a shop that’s small enough to have that personal touch, and actually has a clue about customer service. Just thought I’d let you know I appreciate it, and I’m planning on being a long-term customer."



Erik Maxfield: Vacaville, CA

"John, Thank you for your timely turn around on the water pump. Excellent service! I was also pleasantly suprised not to be totally raped for the plastic number plate (I bought one one time for $5.....not anywhere acceptable even considering that I was paying for the conveinence of not having to make one. All in all good service and prompt delivery. Thanks!"



Rod Lake ( TAG-Parilla Leopard Road Race & Sprint) San Antonio, TX

"John: Just wanted to say thanks for the quick turnaround on parts and for all the support you've provided during my first season of road racing. Besides the fast service, your technical support has been incredible. I've especially appreciated your patience in answering my numerous chassis and motor questions over the phone. With your help, I've had more success this season than I ever thought possible. You guys are awesome. Thanks. Rod Lake."



Kelly, Tinker, Reece & Conor Adragna. (SKUSA S1 - 125 Shifter) Colorodo Springs, CO

"John, Thanks for the fast service on parts and comprehensive technical support that you have provided us this last year. You have truly helped to smooth out some of the bumps that are natural in motorsports but many times difficult. Keep up the good work..."



Tom Halverson (80cc Sit-up Road Racer) Seattle, WA

"Can't tell you how many dollars I've saved, and seconds on the track I've gained by having John's guidance and wisdom. Not only has he been very helpful in terms of suggesting products to try, but he's also taken the time to help me put them to their best use on the track. There are tons of places to buy karting stuff, but there are VERY FEW places where you can't talk to somebody about what might work best for you and your kart. Give John a call, you'll be amazed at how much more fun karting can be when you have the right equipment and you know how to make it fly!"




Carlos Cano (80 Shifter): Cupertino, CA

"With so many kart shops around the area, Fastech exceeds the needs for karters for all levels. Having in stock most parts is makes our life much easier, you name it he has it (if he doesn’t have it, he will get for you). With the competitive pricing, and always trying to find the edge in karting, Fastech is the right way to go. Thanks for your help John..."



Kevin Willmorth (Biland TaG): Germantown, WI

"The ordering process and follow up communication by Fastech is some of the best in karting. This is a professional and well run organization I recommend to anyone who needs parts, expert assistance, or advice. While I don't run a chassis or motor from Fastech, I still buy accessories and many other parts from them as their selection and service is outstanding."



Martin Sanchez (Intrepid 125 Shifter, Maranello 80 Shifter): San Bruno, CA

"John, I really appreciate the short notice to pick up my kart. That's really one reason we go to you to buy kart supplies and especially your expertise in building a race ready racing karts. You do not take your clients for granted and you make sure that we are all taken care off. The Intrepid Kart I bought from you is AWSOME great looks and great kart to drive. Well just want to say thanks for the services that you offer and thanks for both my Race Kart INTREPID 125 and Maranello 80 I'm really grateful w/ the products that you offered. Again thank you very much !!! Props to you buddy."



Carl, Cindy, Eric & Alex Schutte (Maranello 80 Shifter Sr. & Jr. SuperSportsman): Redding, CA

"Having been involved in karting for nearly 20 years, I've learned what is important to not only run competitively but to truly enjoy the sport itself. Quality equipment and horsepower are available to all of us. Knowledge, service, track support and technical expertise are harder to find. Great attitude and the generosity to share the data acquired from endless testing is unique. We've gotten it all from FASTECH RACING. Thanks for keeping it fun John...the wins and championships are a BONUS!!! MARANELLO BABY!!!"


Nino & Tito Santiago: (Maranello 80 Shifter): Foster City, California

"Hey John, Thank you very much for hosting us at Atwater last Saturday! Tito really enjoyed the buying experience with you, most especially the personal assistance with the setup and getting him going. He's also very happy with the kart, but we're all trying to figure out how you can hustle that kart around that fast ;) You and Ken go like stink, and we were priveleged to witness such an awesome display of speed."



Gareth Willey (Maranello 80 Shifter): San Jose, CA

"I bought my first kart from Fastech Racing about eight months ago. I then knew virtually nothing about karts. I barely new how to drive one and certainly didn’t know what was involved in maintaining a kart and keeping it competitive. John at Fastech has been a huge help to me. He has spent a lot of time getting me comfortable in the kart and getting me up to speed. He continues to help me to with any stuff I need and and gives me advice on my racing. The thing that I really appreciate John for is, he tells it like it is. I’ve found that with John you can always rely on an honest answer to any karting question. Today there’s lots of karting dealers around and it’s not too hard to get competitive pricing for what you need but the thing that keeps me doing business with Fastech Racing and John is the service, trust and personal commitment that I receive from them. Without a doubt, John has made a difference to my racing. I would recommend John and Fastech to anyone. Give Fastech a try."



Sacha A. Bocic: Santiago, Chile

"Excellent buying experience even we are so far away, we can have a good communications. Excellent response time and advise."



Jim Abbott (Intrepid 80 shifter #21): Petaluma, California

"John @ Fastech has made a world of change to my karting experience after buying a new Intrepid kart and having John help me with the setup I was turning times faster than I had ever done and I can look forward to a great season in 2004 running the IKF 80 Masters class with a well balanced kart and the valuable input that John can give. He has always been there for me and from what I have seen is always willing to help all fellow racers. Keep up the great work!"



Jason (Maranello 80 Shifter), Cindy & Steve Clover: Clovis, California

"Our experience with Fastech-Racing has been very rewarding. From the time we came into contact with John Van Nghiem at an IKF race, he provided us with technical and product support even though our kart was not one that he was a dealer for. He's always been available by phone and with quick replys on e-mail. When looking for a new shifter, we went through John and bought a Maranello 125 setup. He took the time to spend with us to set it up (1 whole day) in Atwater. We were included as part of the team which included a large body of knowledge and experiences. Parts are shipped very quickly, and he let's all of his customers know if he's going to practice somewhere so we can join him. If anyone has the opportunity to become envolved with kart racing, they will be well supported through John at Fastech."



Francis Kong Leon: Tahiti - FRENCH POLYNESIA

"I am pleased to do business with Fastech Racing. Good informations. Rapid answers. Also rapid delivery in the end of the world."



Whit Ratcliff (Sportsman): Sacramento, California

"What I like about Fastech racing is the personal attention they give to their customers. They like to help them out. I've had a great experience with everyone at Fastech."



Vivien RAVEL: Grenoble, France

"Good prices, quick to deliver, good advices, friendly and trouble free purchase even if this was an international shipment. 100% satisfied. "



August Vortriede, MAG Racing: Farmington Hills, Michigan

"I originally came to do business with your company through a referral. After dealing with you, I realize why others in the field of kart racing speak highly of you. You gave me great deals on shifter products and services, and the advice that you've given us on set-up has been very valuable. Thanks."



Carlos Cano (80 Shifter): Redwood City, California

"From all the places where I buy parts for my kart, John from Fastech Racing is one of the most reliable with parts, and good prices. For support, he is one of the most experience guys around (he actually know what is talking about!!!)."



Joe Fernandez (Parilla National Cup): Royal Oaks, California

"I have been karting for about 1 year. John has provided me with information that has helped my driving (at the track tips) and keeping my kart fast and reliable with parts, tools and advice. John is a RACER and RACES what he sells."



Dan Colomb/ Dad: California

"full-time wrench and money pit contributor to Bryan Colomb #8 nor-cal CTS 80cc sprint. I would like to thank John for his great service and prices. He will get any part at competitive pricing. He answers the phone or e-mail with in hours and will locate the parts. He attends most races with a good supply of parts. thanks for your assistance in the past year."



Lionel LaFite (ICC Shifter): Greenbrae, California

"First thing first. John is always available and always take the time to listen. He is also very knowledgeable on product and settings. I like to do business with him."



Nino Santiago (80 Shifter): Foster City, California

"Fastech Racing can fulfill all your karting needs,whether it be kart parts or driving gear, quickly and at competitive prices. If you're in the market for a brand new kart, it's hard to beat Fastech Racing's comprehensive assembly, setup, and support package. John also has to be one of the nicest guys in the business."



Kalven Chen (RotaxMax, ICA): Diamond Bar, California

"John at Fastech provides excellent technical support. I live in Southern California and race a Maranello kart. We don't have a dealer here locally, but John has been very responsive to his customers' needs and also very knowledgable with his stuff. I definitely recommend their services to all fellow racers....."



Mike Squatritto (Maranello 80 Shifter, Intrepid ICC Shifter): San Jose, California

"Fastech Racing is a great place to do business with. The equipment is top notch and John is a very knowledgeable dealer/driver. The fast moving parts always seem to be in stock. Fastech Racing is always looking for things that give the customers the edge they need to be competitive, whether it is tips on driving the track or the latest and greatest new part. Track support is the most important part of picking a dealer and John is always there to help. Even if he isn't at the track he will do his best to help you over the phone. I have been a customer of Fastech Racing for over a year and have been given no reason to go somewhere else and I will continue to give all of my business to Fastech."