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Throttle Cables


Cable Tips for Throttle Cables (5-Pack)
SKU: SKU1713
Simply crimp onto the ends of the throttle and clutch cables to prevent ends from fraying and unraveling.
Throttle Cable - 3/16" Ball End (60" length) - 1.5mm thick
SKU: ID662
This cable fits the KT100s, Comers and most other non-shifter karts. 1.5mm diameter, 60" length.
Throttle Cable - Small Barrel End
SKU: ID663
3mm length x 3mm diameter end. Fits Mikuni, Keihin and Dellorto, Rotax, ICC/KZ carbs.
Throttle Cable Housing - Teflon Lined (Per Foot)
SKU: ID665
Sold in 1_foot increments.
Motion Pro Housing Ends - 6mm Cap (10 Pack) - for throttle cable housing
SKU: 01-0004
High quality Teflon lines housing.
Cable Adjuster (Clutch or Throttle) - 6mm
SKU: K123
Cable adjuster for the clutch lever and throttle cable.
Throttle Cable Stop (2-Bolt)
SKU: ID664
2-bolt cable stop for throttle cable.
Dellorto 90° Cable Adjuster Assembly (Fits Keihin & Mikuni)
SKU: SKU28230
Comes with rubber cap, locknut, cable adjuster and 90° tube. Works on Mikuni and Keihin carburetor caps.
Sudco 90° Cable Adjuster Assembly (Mikuni / Keihin)
SKU: 007-731
Comes with rubber cap, 2 locknuts, cable adjuster and 90 degree tube. Works on Mikuni and Keihin carburetor caps. NOTE: Must use in conjunction with the original straight fitting.
FTP Tillotson Throttle Cable Kit
SKU: SKU27043
The latest Tillotson throttle kit from FTP. The bearing integrated cable boss attaches directly to the carb. Ultra smooth & reliable pivot action. Includes bearing cable boss w/ bearing and inner throttle cable. Bracket, cable holder and cable housing sold separately. Carb sold separately.
NOTE: If upgrading from a Hubbell, EC or Burris throttle kit, bracket not required.
Spare Throttle Cable
Mounting Bracket
Throttle Cable Housing