Frame Protector


0257.00KIT Tony Kart OTK Protection Kit for Brake Disc 206x16mm
OTK Brake Disc Protector for 206mm x 16 Disc
Frame & Brake Disc Protector - (Tony, Kosmic, Italkart, Intrepid)
Attaches below the rear bearing cassettes to protect the frame and brake disc.
Select Diameter
KG Frame Protector (4-piece)
High quality 4-piece frame guard kit from KG. Mount one on all four sides or have an extra for the front that typically wears out faster than the rest. Hardware included.
KM Frame Protector (1-piece)
High quality nylon frame protectors fit 28, 30 and 32mm. Hardware included. 3 pieces generally needed for the front and sides. Sold individually.