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VForce3 Reed Valve System - CR80

VForce3 Reed Valve System - CR80
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The VForce3 reed valve system by Moto Tassinari incorporates features you won't find with other system on the market. With such features as twice the reed tip surface, radius cage surface and more. By doubling the reed tip surface (over a stock standard valve design) the petals now only need to open half as far to provide the same flow as a stock style cage. This is a significant advantage when you factor in that a reed petal opens and closes 133 times per second at 8,000 rpm. The petals are only traveling half the distance of a stock style cage, so now fatigue to the petal has been greatly reduced, increasing petal life. To find out what else makes the VForce3 superior please read below.

VForce3 Features:

  • Broader peak power
  • Wider more useable powerband
  • Ultra crisp acceleration
  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased durability over stock reed petals
  • Completely screw free design
  • Super quick petal changes
  • Symmetrical petals
  • Custom air guides for each application
  • Advanced composite technology
  • Redesigned reed stops
  • Airfoil technology
  • Used and endorsed by the Factory Race Teams
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