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Woltjer Faqs

Woltjer motors are always proven fast, reliable, "LEGAL" National winners. In addition, they are incredibly professional, motors are always shipped as scheduled and VERY reasonable.

Call us for all your Woltjer needs, whether it's a new motor or motor work, blueprint, etc. We'll e-mail or fax you a UPS shipping label and letter to enclose in the package. Motors are shipped DIRECTLY to Woltjer and shipped DIRECTLY back to you. Fastech will send the bill along with the original Woltjer invoice.

There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO MARK-UP  from what Woltjer normally charges. You have nothing to lose going through Fastech. You will only get better service, turn-around, etc. We have all the tuning notes you will ever need, but if necessary, Woltjer is still available for questions. Just tell them the motor came from Fastech, but in most cases, the response will be the same as what we will tell you.


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Woltjer FAQS:


Q: Do you build all of your motors the same or do you have an A grade motor and a B grade motor?

A: No. Every engine We build receives the same attention to detail and precision, however end results do vary slightly due to castings, etc.

Q: What maintenance is expected of me the racer to keep my Woltjer Engine running strong in between Rebuilds?

A: For Yamaha KT100s, HPVs and Comers, we recomend replacing carb kits every 1-2 Races, Cleaning carbon off the top of the piston every 2-3 races along with keeping up on regular maintenance items such as spark plugs, and air/ fuel filters.

Q: How often should I have my Yamaha, Comer or HPV motor rebuilt?

A: Depending on Use/Abuse the time varies quite a bit. Usually our customers get anywhere from 4- 10 races in between rebuilds to maintain peak performance.

Q: What Oil/Fuel Ratio do you recommend in your engines?

A: 8oz/ Gal

Q: Do your engines require a break-in period when I receive it?

A: Most engines are dyno-tuned at Woltjer, and then tested for performance, prior to leaving our shop, therefore, do not need a break-in session.


Q: How often do I need to change my piston in a Honda CR80/85?

A: Since every cylinder is ported for maximum horsepower, the piston life is decreased to approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

Q: Do I have to add oil to my crankcase in my new CR80/85?

A: No motor is shipped from Woltjer with any fluid., so you better add some. :)