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New-Line Radiator w/ Mount & Cap - RS (17x9.5") - REAR OUTLET

New-Line Radiator w/ Mount & Cap - RS (17x9.5") - REAR OUTLET
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The RS was launched in 2000, as the first evolution of the R. Today it is New-Line’s best seller.  A principal radiator, the RS has the same functional design as its predecessor: top and bottom chambers and a heat-resistant aluminum cap sealing the water inlet port.
The key feature of the RS is versatility. Compared to the original New-Line concept, the RS has a broader radiating surface for enhanced performance (it is 24 cm wide). This makes the RS the ultimate year-round radiator, perfect for racing in any season and in all kinds of climate conditions, from icy cold circuits to torrid tracks. Developed to satisfy drivers all over the world, all year long, the RS guarantees optimal efficiency also in extreme conditions: in the bitter cold by way of the curtain accessory and in the blistering heat with the aid of one of the add-on radiators it comes with (Supplementare or Hobby). The versatility of the RS also makes it perfect for all karting categories, from the less aggressive to the roaring shifter classes.

Like all radiators by New-Line, the RS is made of an extremely resistant triple aluminum alloy and may be special ordered




Material: triple aluminum alloy

Measurements: width 24 cm, height 43 cm, depth 4 cm

Comparison: in terms of width and therefore power, the RS is the intermediate solution between the R, its predecessor, and the BIG, its evolution (R - 20 cm / RS - 24 cm / BIG - 29 cm) – it is the most versatile of the series, its is the New-Line best seller for karts

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